The secret to wellness

Everyone is always looking for the secret sauce.

That one thing that’s going to propel them right- DIRECTLY into their desired goal.

You want to know what the Secret to unlocking your Unique Wellness Blueprint is? Truly?

Its YOU!

Strait up, all jokes aside, we are ALL so Unique… like snow flakes and DNA! Each one of us has a journey that looks very different… so the way that you can start to unlock your wellness is through practicing mindfulness.

Its tuning into your body, your energy, your thoughts… and finding what is working and what’s not, then using that will power to start making change. I love helping people unlock what their body has been trying to tell them… in reality we typically know what our issue is but we’ve created stories around why we “can’t” change. When what we should be doing is building stories about how much better we feel when we do show up better.

Mindfulness is… observing the self, its asking questions like why (I may be showing up this way) and how I can show up better next time, What are my triggers?

its also connecting to the BIGGER picture- Seeing how each action moves us closer or farther from our goals.

Mindfulness when practiced on a deeper level has been said bring forth higher knowledge, and intuition, its become a way for many spiritual practitioners to connect with the spirit of life, God, Christ consciousness, Unconditional love, to find grounding…

This type of mindfulness requires a higher level of trust in life and in the self and this was a challenge for me in the beginning and still can be, it brought a lot of frustration to me in the beginning of my journey with Energy release and Alignment and this is where many can give up. There are also so many ways that a person can spark intuition, again we are so unique its incredible! Digging into this is where you may be able to unlock purpose and inspiration.

I’d like to end with some wise words from Bob Proctor. “Never Lower Your Goal”

We as humans can literally become what ever we want, with the right guidance. Never lower your goal- shoot for the stars. and Never Never Quit.

I am telling you God made us so INCREDIBLY that we can create and become anything we set our focus on! So lets move mindfully towards our goals Today shall we?

Sending you so much LOVE today, and wishing you all the wellness and success!

Sincerely Cass.


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