3 Ways to liberate your mind, and the # reason why most people don’t!

1. Sit with Gratitude and Unconditional Love Daily

If you are a spiritual person with a prayer practice, you’ve likely already made this a part of your daily routine. Sitting in an air of gratitude, love, and appreciation for life is a way of giving our minds a breather from the stressful or often busy thoughts of everyday life.

Be Intentional with the thoughts that you fill your mind with for 5 or 10 minutes, set a timer on your phone. It may not be easy at first to hold your focus on the positive for so long, but remember… Practice makes perfect! This is definitely something to do daily for satisfying liberation.

Having a rough moment? Return to gratitude and watch how things turn around

2. Journal “Better Thoughts”

Okay I may annoy a few people here but bear with me! Do you understand the amazing way that our brains work? How our thought forms are actually physical in the brain? Oh my GOODNESS! When we can pin point what thoughts we are continually having that are unhelpful.. we can break down the old thought and replace it with a better – LITERALLY- HEALTHIER- thought Physically in the BRAIN! I’m sorry but HOW COOL IS THAT?

This has been my save and grace for reversing self sabotage and getting my brain on board to help me reach my goals. Neuroscience has proven we can Permanently rewire our brains to be better . Consistent Daily Writing and thinking better thoughts can rewire old unhealthy/ unhelpful thought patterns! Bam.

3. Move Differently

Writing is a great way to get the mind flowing in a better direction but, when we put action to the new better thoughts flowing in… when we choose to show up as this, to be this person who thinks better, we find what we can do better, and so we create better results. This is where we find true liberation, in ACTION. We face fear, realize the illusion of it and trench forward! We deny fear, and doubt space in our minds and Just Do what we Know needs to be done and I have the faith that God does the rest when he sees us showing up. What are some habits you KNOW you would Benefit releasing from or adding to your routine? I know I need to incorporate more walks, its been so cold outside, I’ve been avoiding it 100%.

The #1 reason People don’t do this:

You have to shake things up to get different results! You have to fight the urge to do what you’ve always done! Old Paradigms are the #1 reason why people do not free themselves. That is Thoughts, Attitudes and Habits that are completely subconscious that probably haven’t been updated in decades. Thoughts that say “this is a waste of time”, or its not gonna work”, “whats the point”. Your Happiness and Success is The Point! The good news is all it takes is a willingness to show up and rewire that subconscious mind to completely shift the results in your life! You have to fight your old way of thinking for a while… science shows 3x 21 days or 90 days is probably the best amount of time to do this to create lasting change.

I hope this added value or served as a reminder/ encouragement to keep on your journey to becoming the best you that you can be!

All the Love, Cass.


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